3 beauty secret that is required to know every woman

To look beautiful and feel confident in all, it is necessary for every woman to know the 3 main secret attraction.

Actually – these truths are known to many, and they are quite simple, but very few people constantly, they should give out. The result of this neglect, “there”: skin problems, tired, early wrinkles, gray complexion and other effects, which are usually not as much a Woman do not attractive.

So, 3 beauty secrets!

beauty secretGet enough sleep

This item is most important in these three vehicles. Get enough sleep helps to feel cheerful and well, it is also strongly influenced by the appearance. Try not to sleep another day like on your face all affect and effect. The skin looks tired, dull, bruising and swelling under the eyes. And all because when we sleep, the body rejuvenates itself within us originate various metabolic processes, including recycling. A lack of sleep results in time for the infringement of the updating process, which is why it is important for the beauty of a day to sleep from 8 hours. It is best to create for themselves a rest mode: at one and the same time to go to bed and wake up.

Balanced diet

Mirror is our own not only the face but also the skin, which always reflect existing health problems. As a rule, they appear in the form of bruises and bags under the eyes, gray complexion, inflammation and any other unpleasant consequences. And often all this comes from – the fact that we eat. Therefore, if you noticed that you often concerned about these issues, then pay attention to what to eat. That the skin of the face and the entire body was healthy and shiny, you need to eat regularly, and balanced. Include in the diet of more fruits and vegetables, protein and dairy products, cereals and vegetable oils. In particular, very useful for skin vitamins A, B, E, contained in fruits and vegetables, green, and orange in cereals and vegetable oils.

right care

The third secret has three main rules for the care that every woman should, namely:

Cleansing – an essential procedure for appeal, which must be done in the morning and evening. But do not be too zealous with the matter, as this may damage the skin’s natural lipid barrier, thus reducing the amount of protective grease. Then the integrity of the skin is broken, there is redness, itching, peeling and premature wrinkles. Therefore, to avoid this, it is necessary to further wash with purified water, not tap water and use in addition cleansing cosmetics for skin type.

Humidification – a regular hydration leads to a healthy, beautiful, young and elastic skin, so do not ignore the moisturizer that perfectly replace other cosmetic products. It is important to observe strict drinking regime, that is, from day to drink 1.5 liters. water, to maintain the natural moisture from within the process.

Sun protection – of course, ultraviolet light gives us a nice tan, but it is also harmful if it. Therefore, in sunny weather it is necessary to always use sunscreens that block the damaging sun’s rays, preventing premature aging of the skin. Without sunscreen, the skin, which is under the sun changes its structure: reduced skin tone, wrinkles become more noticeable, will spider veins and pigmentation spots. So sunscreen is a must tool in the arsenal of every woman who wants to stay longer young and beautiful.

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