5 women’s products

Everyone, or rather half – men, women and even children’s age has its “gold” products that they need the most. So nutritionists have identified the “golden” five women’s products and this is no accident. After all, they contain all the most necessary substances for the female body, which help to prevent major diseases and prolong youth.

womens productsThus, the 5 women’s products!


It turns out that the red beans and beans are an excellent means of prevention of diseases related to the cardiovascular system. Folic acid, potassium, and dietary fiber contained in legume, contributes to the prevention of these diseases. Most importantly, no matter in what kind of woman would be consumed, as when cooking beans do not lose their useful properties, minerals and vitamins.


Many people know that walnuts can reduce cholesterol in the blood. Also, this product has excellent anti-inflammatory effect, prevents the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s, rescues from depression.


These red vegetables contain a large amount of antioxidants preventing the development of women’s breast tumors. It is also said that besides the tomatoes improve vision and reduce the body’s total cholesterol. Eating tomatoes – is the key to good health, as well as unfading youth and beauty.

Seafood and fish

All the gifts that share with us the sea, rich in vitamin E, which is also referred to as “vitamin of youth”. Seafood that fish that any other seafood is also an important source of omega-3 fatty acids, they reduce the risk of diseases related to the cardiovascular system. The modern woman must turn today any seafood at least twice a week.

Red cranberries

It is widely known in folk medicine,   disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effects of red cranberries. It is very useful to take the berries at high temperature, as well as various genitourinary infections. Incidentally it is worth noting that the latest scientific research has shown that cranberry red is high in cancer.

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