6 underlying causes of hair loss

Hair loss brings all suffering. And if it is not alopecia, abnormal loss of hair with which it is necessary to see a doctor – trichologist, then it means, the hair falls out for another reason, which is often hidden in lifestyle.

Thus, six of the underlying causes leading to hair loss!

hair lossMany may notice that with the advent of cold weather intense hair starts to fall out. This is not because of – the fact that the cold, the hair can not tolerate the temperature difference : for example, when you come out of the warm room into the cold. That is why it is necessary to wear winter hats in the street and shoot them necessarily, when you are in the heat.

Another blow – a poor diet. To keep the hair and the hair “did not climb” should be in your daily diet to have enough iron and protein products. Hair loss also leads to lack of minerals – calcium, zinc, magnesium and vitamin PP, B6, B5, C

Bad habits, such as alcohol abuse and smoking naturally, lead to problems associated with vessels, and of – of this blood flow is disrupted. The consequence of that, because of the hair bulb – due to poor blood circulation does not receive the necessary nutrients, weakening and then the strands become weak.

Caused by pregnancy, abortion, menopause, use of birth control pills and some endocrine diseases and Changing hormonal levels also triggers hair loss.

As is well known diseases of internal organs can be expressed very often in unpleasant changes in regards to appearance. And especially to the nails and hair “projected” the liver . So it is necessary to take care of this body to have beautiful, healthy hair and nails.

For those who survived the stress, and forgot about it already, hair “remind” about it, they are a month later – two begin to fall. And for the body’s stress may be an event that you do not even perceived as such, for example, the use of anesthesia during surgery. And an emotional experience so nothing at all to say. In order to temper the body to stress is necessary to ensure that it is in the right amount of magnesium, for this you can use any pharmaceutical drugs or eat pumpkin seeds, wheat germ, oatmeal, buckwheat, almonds, sea cabbage and so on.

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