Diet for problem areas

For those who have a major problem area is the buttocks and thighs, is to forget about food high in fat. Since fatty dairy products and red meat have to be replaced with fish, white meat, milk and dairy products low-fat or normal.

It should also be minimized to reduce the consumption of spices, as they promote water retention in the body, thereby provoke the appearance of cellulite. It should be in your diet to include more vegetables and unsweetened fruit. It is also advisable to eat fitohleb and muesli. However, preference should be given to them before dinner.

DietIt will help to cope with the roundness of the lower back and waist vegetarian diet. With such a diet is naturally necessary to make up the proteins that can be using low-fat and low-fat dairy products, excluding of course sweets and fruit. The ideal diet for this purpose will be fruit and vegetables, but they need to eat small portions.

Sugar should be completely excluded in the sediments in the area of the shoulders and arms. The bulk of the calories should come from breakfast and lunch and dinner should be as easy. To get a beautiful line of hand, a diet for them involves a reduction in dairy products, eating only dairy sugar. Avoid sugary juices, carbonated beverages, all prepared foods, which contain high amounts of sweeteners and fats. It is necessary to eat more natural foods, steamed and grilled vegetables and meat.

For those who will foot the full diet with plenty of protein content and low sugar content. The daily diet should be from eggs, low-fat varieties of fish and meat, savory and fermented milk products, a small amount of cheese. Also have to sacrifice pasta, premium bread and confectionery. Drinking should be a day not less than 1.5L. liquids: green tea, natural unsweetened juice, non-carbonated water. But from coffee have to give.

All apples rejuvenating

Not for nothing in fairy tales talk about rejuvenating apples. It turns out that if you regularly use this sinful and fabulous fruit, you can rejuvenate your body for 17 years.

Since British scientists have noted that the whole point here is polyphenol epicatechin – a special substance that enhances the immune system, improves blood circulation and rejuvenates the cardiovascular system.

Researchers from the Norwich Institute for the Study of foods stressed that the apples on the level of the substance in the first place among other fruits. So eat apples every day . But it is worth noting that this substance is contained just in the apple peel, so do not cut it.

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