KMV: Treatment rest

Caucasian Mineral Waters are represented by four medical city – resorts, namely: Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Yessentuki and Zheleznovodsk.

Each of these   cities is beautiful and unique in – and its has a certain medical profile. So, for example, resorts of Kislovodsk specialize more on the treatment of respiratory diseases, circulatory and nervous systems. In Pyatigorsk – diseases of digestive organs, nervous system, locomotor system, gynecological and skin diseases. Essentuki – liver, biliary tract and metabolic disorders. Zheleznovodsk – kidney disease, metabolic disorders, digestive.

Treatment  restOn the improvement of people’s well-affected and vegetation to the sea. Since each city has holiday parks at a special beauty differ Kislovodsk and Zheleznovodsk parks. In Kislovodsk park e is a model of creativity and harmony between man and nature. In absolute when – the bare rocks of the magnificent landscape architecture was raised with tree and shrub and alpine vegetation, as well as having phytoncide properties of plants.

Each of these four cities has a lot of resorts that take in each year for the treatment of people who suffer from what – the disease, as well as who is going to rest easy from the noisy and dusty megacities, to be alone with nature and enjoy the deeply unique picturesque places. Today, you can buy different tickets to individual preferences in the sanatorium: Select category, numbers and incoming services. All the resorts are equipped with modern highly skilled experts, diagnostic equipment, clinical centers, a wide choice of services and for the improvement of procedures.

It combines excellent conditions to rest and medical treatment, there are over 120 different health and fitness facilities, ready to accept simultaneously more than 35 thousand. of people. Many buildings of sanatoriums for today are architectural monuments, built in the early twentieth century, and reconstructed according to modern needs of vacationers. In short rest in sanatoriums in any of these resort towns will be unforgettable!

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