Prevention of dental caries in children

As today claim dentists, dental caries is much “younger” for the last time. Now baby teeth begin to deteriorate, failing even to erupt. And it most to blame the parents, not watching the kids teeth. Today, tooth decay can be treated, though, it is better to prevent its occurrence or not run at least to serious condition.

In fact, this disease, dental caries, has its symptoms and causes of various methods of treatment and prevention. That is its prevention in children is the most important point, which every parent would have to know.

dental caries in childrenProper nutrition

First of all dental health in children depends directly from the mother. After all, baby teeth are formed at the baby still in the womb. It is during pregnancy passage deposited mineral salts (phosphorus, and calcium. D.), Which become part of the enamel. Naturally, proper nutrition of pregnant mothers – is the cornerstone. Other disorders of pregnancy affect negatively on the future of the child’s teeth.

After birth, the baby begins to eat other foods, and then there is a chance to improve the situation with the teeth or completely degrade them. It is no secret that, regardless of the age of the teeth need calcium, which means that for the child the right diet will be: milk, cheese, yogurt. The diet of baby milk products have to be every day. However, we must remember that this calcium is better absorbed by the body with vitamin D. In order to stock up on them, you can often walk with the baby in the sun.

Sweet – a devoted friend of caries and the most evil enemy of teeth. This is all retold. Sucrose in the mouth enter into reaction with the microbes, those form acids which destroy enamel, creating cavities. Especially sweet food stays in the mouth for a long time, sitting at the side of the teeth on the gums.

right care

The best way to prevent the “beast” caries – oral hygiene. Parents are often concerned about the issue of when you can start brushing your child’s teeth. Some dentists are responsible, that must be cleaned before they occur. And so it is! Today, there are lots of tools and cleaning the permanent milk teeth and gums clean. Therefore, as soon as there is a child’s first clove, it is necessary to begin treatment.

Usually kids already know how to self-rinse your mouth and brush your teeth in the 2 years, taking the example of the parents. Parents need to prepare for what will have for a long time to remind children to brush after breakfast and after dinner teeth. Also it is necessary to accustom the baby in advance to ensure that it is necessary to rinse your mouth after eating or eat an apple instead of a gum commercials.

You should also seriously consider the choice of toothpaste and brush teeth, the bristles should be soft, artificial and attractive to the child. While there is no single opinion, what age, what kind of toothpaste to brush your teeth. Some dentists say that you can only milk teeth brushing quality brush, the other that baby teeth from three years of age in need of fluoride toothpaste. Choosing the composition of the first paste, consult with a specialist, it should contribute to the maturation of tooth mineral tissues, and must like the taste of the baby, so that the process of cleaning teeth has always been associated with taste, pleasant emotions.

Another important point – the right shoe. Always check the teeth after cleaning the baby and if it is necessary to clean it all by yourself.

The right attitude

The biggest misconception of parents is that they believe, why care for and treat teeth milk if they still fall out. Note: both baby teeth do not fall out. This means that for a long time in your mouth kid, “cohabit” will milk teeth caries patients and healthy constant. But tooth decay is a plague that always apply, so you should not assume that it has infected even the baby teeth.

When the baby come out all dairy teeth, it is necessary to visit the dentist. A visit to the dentist for the child should be the norm, that is, once every six months. When choosing a dentist, be responsible. He should be a professional psychologist, and at the same time.

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