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One has only to walk in relationship to the problem, as we immediately begin to hear, that the Martians men and women without exception of Venus, and therefore can not understand each other. These differences have become so great that they began to affect even the food. A necessary one, the other – the other. Well, today we will talk about the “Martian” kitchen.

In men, body weight greater, more massive bones, muscles more. Women during pregnancy and lactation requires certain nutrients, men also need to keep track of your diet, you do not lose muscle tissue, do not get hold of cancer of the prostate, prevent erectile dysfunction, baldness and other misfortunes.

Proper nutritionProper nutrition: sexual health

For any man the biggest nightmare is a disease of the reproductive system. Therefore, in order that it does not become a reality ever, man is obliged to monitor their diet: eat more vegetables, garlic, olive oil and fish. These products improve the functioning of these important blood vessels and heart muscle, and thus the blood flow, which is responsible for male erections, will work just fine, in fact the main cause of problems with potency – a poor blood supply to the male genital organs.

But in the preparation of your diet should be careful: studies have shown that,   for example, linseed oil stimulates hyperplasia of the prostate , but the tea is green tea reduces the risk of the other way around.

Protein for Muscle

Man consumes about 20g of protein more than the female. Just exactly muscle mass requires it, as it is more volume and it burns more calories than fat, so preventing us from developing diseases related to the cardiovascular system. As for the athletes, so they need to eat better. In general, it is necessary for the growth of muscle to eat one kilogram of body protein from 1,5gr.

Minerals and vitamins: food is better than drugs

The scientific world, long ago and to be honest, unsuccessfully arguing about multivitamins. Most of them really believes that it is best when the body get the nutrients from food rather than from an artificially created complexes. Trace minerals absorbed from the tablets is bad and worse combined with each other. But if you do take a multivitamin, then remember:

Vitamins E and C, the risk of developing prostate cancer in men does not diminish;

Beta-carotene along with vitamins C and E and zinc, significantly slows the aging process, prevents the fall of age. They are found in eggs, meat, oils, herbs;

Men’s multivitamins should contain a little iron. Its excess is difficult excreted from the body;

Osteoporosis is also threatened. Therefore, it is necessary to take calcium and vitamin D. This is in milk;

Vitamin B9 or acid folic is useful not only to women during pregnancy, but also to men and improving semen quality. It can be found in citrus fruits, beans, green vegetables.

Correct male power: Menu

The optimum diet for men – a hunter – gatherer. All that our ancestors could catch or  find roast and eat, for the male is considered a healthy food.

Eggs. To eat it is necessary with the yolk: cholesterol and improve on atherosclerosis can be saved.

Ginger. It allows you to recover more quickly after serious workouts.

Bananas. They contain potassium and magnesium prevents diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Oysters. Zinc in the product prevents the development of prostate cancer. Every day it is necessary to take 11 mg of zinc, which improves both the quality of sperm.

Cruciferous (broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower) . Containing potassium, vitamin C, sulforaphane and beta-carotene protects against prostate cancer.

Oily fish . Fatty unsaturated omega – 3 fatty acids have on the body male complex effect: the body fight with bad cholesterol, reduce post-exercise burning sensation in the muscles.

Brazil nut . Protection against cardiovascular diseases and cancer magnesium and selenium. Possible and other nuts to eat, but it is in Brazil nuts contain most of these elements.

Soya. Reception on the 25th day of soy foods protect against prostate cancer and bad cholesterol.

Berries. Vlavonoid anthocyanin slows down aging of the brain.

Fruits and vegetables in red. Pumpkin, carrots, bell peppers and sweet potatoes. Large vitamin C concentrate which reduces the risk of prostate hyperplasia.

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