Secure snack or whip up useful there

As gastroenterologist say a rapidly growing number of patients with gastritis, not to mention the ulcers. Often, no time of the day to do everything that was planned, we sacrifice our full breakfast and lunch, is constantly replacing them with short cold food snacks.

But oddly enough it would seem, frequent snacks are even more useful than fight hunger waiting for lunch or dinner. The main thing here as nutritionists say to choose the right products.

Secure snack Proved

Daily diet should always be six-time, of which three or four – snacks. That is, the need to eat every two hours. Doctors have come to this conclusion after many years of observations of patients. They also showed that the mode of the power supply to almost every man is useful: diabetes, high blood pressure and those who protects your weight. Moreover it is good for the prevention of Zhashkov Stud farm, food failures, fluctuations in blood glucose levels, even the mood of the person due to the fact he often eats.


Deciding to sleep longer and are thus not having breakfast at home, you can just have a snack at work.

Best option “camp” of the breakfast is:

  • Dairy products – packaged cottage cheese, yogurt, drinking protein sources;
  • Muesli bars – supply of energy, the source of the “slow” carbohydrates.

For those who have problems with weight, granola can replace fruit, savory curds. Such an option, by the way, will be the perfect lunch, even if the time to eat at home.

Harmful for breakfast:

  • fast food;
  • any sandwiches;
  • cakes, cake, chocolate.


It must be at least 15 minutes to give a dinner.

You can cook it yourself at home (which is cheaper), to take a job and have a cold. For example, here it is:

  • cheesecakes;
  • cutlets;
  • Boiled chicken, tongue, meat;
  • Bread whole wheat;
  • Vinaigrette, salads, vegetable oil.

Terms snacking

As a rule, a good snack excellent sensation of hunger, not giving a large amount of fat and carbohydrate.

Therefore, for this purpose ideal products are vegetables, fruits and milk.

Do not bite on the way, as there is a risk of overeating.

Eating thoughtfully can eat less than doing it mechanically. Gastric juices are produced poorly on the run, it impairs digestion.

If a snack portions should be different from those which would be you ate only once a day. If slowly chewing food well, eat lunch and lasts, will be at least 15 minutes, then you can eat a small amount of food.

Do not be at hand to keep edibles. If the countertop has something – something good to eat then you will continuously chew, even when not hungry.

Lunch should belong only to food. Do not eat, looking at the working post or reading a book.

What drink?

Drink at least one glass of juice once a day. At night, you already know that it is necessary to consume up to two liters of liquid – soups, fruit juicy and about 1.5 liters of water.

By the way

If you can not eat first at work, then move it to the evening. After all, little benefit from eating too much at night, so we can restrict only a nourishing meat soup. But if it’s vegetable soup diet then add a second protein dish.

 Did you know that …

… The man in the middle for food spends 5 years of life.

… For breakfast, the most used products – it’s eggs.

… World’s most popular fruit – mango, most “grown” – apples, grapes, coconuts and bananas.

… The worms taste like fried bacon, wasps – pine nuts, beetles – apples.

… 80% of the population in food regularly consume insects.

… The Romans always ate, reclining on couches around the table.

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