Tablet anti-wrinkle

Scientists are constantly in search of the elixir of youth, and now they have created a pill that reduces wrinkles. Established tablet on the basis of plant components capable of very effectively fight wrinkles by 10% reducing their intensity.

The action of the drug was tested by scientists on a group of women who have problems with the skin older.

anti-wrinkleThe new dietary supplement called Dove Spa is the Strength Within a study which showed it more effective against the so to say “crow’s feet”, ie the wrinkles formed around the eyes. New dietary supplement severity of wrinkles is reduced by 10%, making this drug is a great alternative to Botox, according to scientists. By the way in England tablets of wrinkles already went on sale, and a month’s supply of the drug is 35 pounds, which is about 1,800 rubles.

The composition includes vitamin tablets, soy isoflavones, fatty acids and omega-3 substance called lycopene, it is found in tomatoes. Researchers to test the efficiency of Dove Spa Strength Within attracted 166 women, whose average age was 61 year.

The ladies were divided into three groups. The first received dummy, the second – low dose pills, and the third – a relatively high dose of the drug. After 14 weeks, experts have investigated the subjects skin and severity of “crow’s feet” using skin taken from the special shape and small tissue samples. Thus, compared with the first group at the other two expression of these “feet” has fallen to 10% and in the body of women of the third group, who received the largest dose of agent in the body developed a very high level of collagen needed for elasticity and maintain skin freshness.

Which vitamin is considered to be the elixir of youth?

Swiss scientists conducted a study and concluded that life is 10% can prolong vitamin B3. The results were described in Nature Chemical Biology .  It was found that vitamin B3 or as it is also called nicotinic acid, is able to have an impact on the body that is similar to physical stress. This has been proven in the experiments on guinea worms …. The truth is soon to experience the action B3 mice, well, and then to man. Note that for a person daily rate of nicotinic acid is 18-25mg., It rises for pregnant women to 22-26mg.

Incidentally sources of vitamin B3 are meat products, such as poultry, beef liver and lean meats. Also, these substances are rich in dairy products and eggs. They contain a lot of it and trembling beer, sorrel, wholegrain products, potatoes, nuts, beans, tomatoes, carrots, sorrel, parsley, chamomile and mint.

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