The fungus on your feet: How to avoid?

As statistics shows onychomycosis (fungal disease) affects up to 20% of people. But experts believe that this percentage is actually much higher. Let’s see the main risk factors of fungal diseases, and how to cope with them.

Violation of the rules of hygiene

Fungal diseases often affect the toes and feet – in a slightly moist and warm environment in the skin folds and between the toes thrive pathogens of onychomycosis (molds, yeasts, fungi – dermatophytes). They multiply, leave tiny spores in the shoe hitting a new victim, give birth to the causative process. For this is enough simply to vilify someone else’s shoes or barefoot walk in the pool, the sauna, the public walk on the floor.

fungus-on-your-feetOften and intra-transmission of the disease during the use of common towels, shoes, rugs, wool and so on.

How to avoid?

  • do not wear tight, someone else’s shoes, to use only his scissors for a pedicure, a towel, and so on;
  • not to go to public places barefoot. After the bath or basin to wash thoroughly with soap and legs, especially the spaces between the fingers, dry the feet well and lubricate the tea tree oil or antifungal ointment;
  • bath treat chlorinated solution and soap suds, if a family has a person suffering from onychomycosis. Suppose that it has its own mat and shower shoes keep it separate from the total until it is healed.


The big risk to get fungi have patrons of beauty salons, as they may pick up during a pedicure at a nail damage.

How to avoid?

  • it is necessary to attend only proven proven salons, where instruments are well sterilized. pedicure tools by the rules have to be sure to pass the four step process: disinfection, predsterializovannaya cleaning, sterilization and storage of instruments in the ultraviolet.


Also, the emergence of fungal diseases legs help: blood diseases, violation of the blood supply to the limbs with varicose veins and heart failure, immunodeficiency, endocrine disease, goiter, prolonged use of corticosteroids, antibiotics and other drugs.

How to avoid?

  • timely and adequately treat said disease, fulfilling the recommendations of doctors carefully avoid undue taking medication.

Individual characteristics

Often, the victims are people with onychomycosis increased sweating feet, hereditary autonomic dysfunction of specific brain centers that regulate the work of sweat glands. disease also contributes to the anatomical feature of the foot, which is characterized by the narrowness of the gaps between the fingers.

How to avoid?

  • it is necessary to avoid excessive moisture or dryness stop at elevated sweating and diaper rash is necessary to use special creams or powders;
  • “Ventilate” more often the feet, walking on the grass and stones barefoot, wearing open shoes.

Belonging to a particular job

This group includes: miners, athletes, military personnel, who have to walk for a long time in tight shoes.

How to avoid?

  • wear cotton socks;
  • Shoes should be chosen only from natural materials and to the right size;
  • avoid corns and microtrauma, which are “open doors” for any infection.

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