10 Keys To Choosing Your Bike

With the summer getting closer, the possibility of enjoying the bicycle take back body for many people who, perhaps at other times of the year do not consider this sport. If you are thinking about doing it and you need to buy a bike, the first thing you should know is that getting the bike right is not so easy. These are the 10 keys that can help you in this election.

10 Keys to Choosing Your Bike

Not everyone uses the bike for the same

It may seem too obvious, but many times bikes are not suitable for what we are really going to use. It is very important that you know that nowadays specialization has made bicycles available for almost all types of use and profile. Therefore, before you buy the bike always decide what you are going to use it for. This is a very important decision, as it will make the difference between a bicycle that is well adapted to our use or an ill-adapted one that can even spoil the experience.

Not all of us can spend the same

If you always recommend comparing offers before buying or hiring any service and buying the bike should not be an exception. Fortunately, the global market makes it possible for us to have access to a greater number of brands and therefore also at prices with higher forks, both down and up. It is important that you determine how much you can spend and that you look for your bike in that price range; do not discard, of course, second-hand bikes among which you can find very good offers at reasonable prices.

Do not buy just for the price

This is one of the big problems in buying bikes. Generally it responds to specific offers of which we present certain bikes at very low prices. Here we can find two things:

  • They are usually low-end models that also do not have much variety, so if we hit the type of bike we need well, if we do not hit we are not making such a good purchase.
  • On the other hand the excessively cheap prices may have to do with bicycles with materials of very low ranges, or with little suitable assemblies which, in the long run, can imply a superior cost in addition to providing little security.

We do not tell you to renounce yours, but you do realize that when something seems too good, it may not be.

10 Keys To Choosing Your BikeChoose your size well

From the practical point of view, this is one of the key keys to a good experience later. If you buy a bike that is not suitable for your size, no matter how inexpensive you have gotten it, the experience will never be the same as if this bicycle will really fit your size. There are many measurement tables in the network that will allow you to determine your size, and if not always ask the professional who will advise you properly.

Solve your doubts

We should not see bicycles as a toy that we already know everything because we have had several. Technology and innovation also apply these vehicles, therefore, there are many things that we are likely to ignore and about which it is always better to ask and be informed that, as we sometimes get used to, learning based on test and failure. The professionals trained in the sale of bicycles will always help us in this regard.

Choose well where you buy

There is the feeling (erroneous) that leads us to think that after the purchase of the bicycle has already finished the process. It is true that these vehicles require less after-sales attention than others, but this does not mean that you may not need them.

Do not bases the choice of buying exclusively on comfort factors, look for those stores that guarantee you a good service both at the time of sale and post-sale and, eye, these stores do not necessarily have to be large areas, in fact, the local small bicycle shops generally handle this kind of services very well?

If you can try

This is more difficult and has to do with the type of store. Generally, small or medium-sized stores were more open to a bike. It would be very interesting that before acquiring a model or another you see that it effectively adapts not only to your size but also to your style of pedaling.

The bike is not only the bike

This is another of those calculation errors that we usually commit when budgeting the bike. That is, do not take into account that there are other things that we are going to need to acquire such as the air pump, the clothes that we are going to use, the helmet, in general the complements…

If we do not have complements or need to renew them, it is very important that they are present in the initial budget.

Do not cut yourself with the designs

You will get a vehicle to enjoy it and everything is to your liking will provide you with more satisfaction, and this of course also includes the design and color or colors of the bike.

Do not pass technology

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find cyclists whose bicycles seem, together with the rider himself, to be authentic technological devices on wheels. It is okay to lean on technology to improve your experience, but really think about what is strictly necessary, you will save a lot of money and probably many hours of instrument preparation.

Enjoy with head

This is not a recommendation strictly related to the purchase, but equally important. Especially for those who are not accustomed or have lost the custom of pedaling, it is very important to join this sport little by little, with head. There are free programs on the Internet where you can do a model of training step by step without forcing your body.

You must also take into account that you are going to use a vehicle, you are probably going to share space with motor vehicles in many occasions, that is why respecting the general and particular traffic rules of the bicycle are basic, it is not bad that you review them before you start to go out and ride.

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