5 Easy Tricks To Start Eating Healthy

We all know that one of the key factors to be healthy is food.

Starting to eat orderly and in a healthy way may seem very complex, but it is actually simple. You just have to set up a good foundation!

Shall we begin?

You will have heard that one of the most important meals of the day is breakfast, and it makes a lot of sense! Breakfast provides us with enough energy for the whole morning and not only is it important to do so, but what we choose for it.

It is important to ingest the proteins and vitamins that our body needs in the morning, especially if we want to be satiated until the next meal.

As for dinner it is very important to do it soon. If we get used to dinner just before bed we will gain weight much faster, especially if we take caloric food. And because? When you go to sleep your body also does it and your metabolism works more slowly, therefore, the food is not metabolized.

5 Easy Tricks To Start Eating Healthy1. Best fresh food

Girls, imagine for a moment that you have mascara open for months, would you put it on your eyelashes? No! Of course, and why do we often eat past food or have been open months in our fridge? Do not forget that being practical and fast can be opposed to a “healthy body”.

Consuming food that is devoid of light and air or excessive industrial food may be practical, but it can never replace a complete diet that includes vegetables and seasonal fruits.

It is also not recommended to feed on frozen foods, it is better to plan for home cooking, eating fresh food and preparing food at home.

Believe me, you’ll feel better!

2. Plan what and when you will eat

Do you think you can lead a correct diet without thinking when and what will you eat?

Like anything else you want to be successful, ensuring a rich and varied diet needs a minimum of preparation.

Just as you plan your vacations, exercise days a week, or other important things in your life if you manage to establish a healthy routine in the layout of the shopping list and the weekly menus, you will feel a double satisfaction in both your body and in your mind.

Planning purchases and menus is the way to keep track of what you eat and observe how your body responds.

Take your time! Do not forget that a good meal should also be a great pleasure and not just a responsibility.

3. Be careful what you drink

Many people believe that their excess weight is due to what they eat, but there are many cases in which weight gain is directly attributable to what they drink.

Think of those tropical fruit juices, cola, coffees with syrups, alcohol, flavored drinks, sodium, etc. Remember that water and fruit juice with vegetables make your body clean inside, and is precisely what will allow you to enjoy those “not so good” drinks from time to time.

4. Learn to read food labels

Sometimes we have internalized information about food that is not equivalent to reality. This can make our diet uncompensated and prevent having a good figure.

We usually choose a product because it indicates that it does not contain added sugars or harmful fats but this, unfortunately, is often not true. Some brands will do almost anything to incite your purchase, therefore, be careful when choosing.

Look at what each product contains. “No added sugar” does not mean that there is no sugar in the product, but they have not added an extra of it although the ingredients themselves can be very caloric.

5. Do not add nonsense calories

When we prepare the food we seek not only that the foods are of good quality but have a good taste. We want to give him that little cook. But beware! you can include sauces, garnishes, broths, etc. Which add unimaginable extra calories?

A practical example: 100 gr of pasta with salt, onion, tomato and laurel contain 115 kcal, but if instead of spaghetti you put ravioli or gnocchi with parmesan or tomato sauces you can consume more 457 kcal per serving.

Avoid dressing based on cream, butter or excess oils.

– 100 grams of butter contains 760 Kcal.

– 100 gr. Of cream of milk contains 400 Kcal.

– 100 gr of oil contains 900 kcal.

There are many healthy dressings, seeds or spices (cinnamon, saffron, ginger, etc.).

Always think of increasing the flavor of your dishes, not the calories!

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