Health Alarms

In this age we live full of distraction and noise, our body can generate a greater insistence that we pay attention through its language of symptoms.

Symptoms come in many forms throughout our lives: pain, change of mood, digestive discomfort, etc.

The symptom is a useful warning that our health may be threatened, whether by something physical, mental, emotional, or a combination of all those things.

The symptom is like the fire alarm. When the alarm sounds, do you see the alarm as a problem? Would you start to remove the batteries or turn off the alarm or start evacuating the building and call the fire department?

Seen this way if you start coughing, do you think the cough is bad and you have to suppress it right away, or do you think it can be good (for example at the end of a cold) because it is eliminating toxins from the respiratory system?

It is said that there are no diseases but sick and I completely agree with this statement. For Hippocrates (named father of Western medicine), all medical action must be oriented to the establishment of a treatment that covers the totality of the human being, both in his physical and psychic sphere and in his relationship with the environment, but individualizing the process.

Hippocrates said that the individual being was weak because of an emotional, physical or social stressor, and therefore fell ill. A person who works 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, does not sleep well and does not eat well is more likely to have imbalances in body and mind, leading to lack of energy, having problems with weight, pains, compared With another person who can eat a balanced diet, work 6 hours a day for 5 days and rest quietly on weekends. One is more likely to manifest symptoms than the other.

Health AlarmsBut what is health, being healthy?

Do you think that a person with good health is someone who has no symptoms, who is only right?

If that is your definition of health, what do you think of a child who is well and the next day get a cold that is complicated by pneumonia? and a man who says “I have nothing” and suddenly suffers a heart attack, or Well of a woman who finds herself perfectly well goes to the doctor and is diagnosed with breast cancer. Have they suddenly lost their health or did they not have it from the beginning?

Many illness processes need months and even years to declare themselves outwardly as such. Therefore, health is much more than how you feel. Health, we can say that it is the ability of the body to adapt to changes (physical, mental and chemical stress) without losing its own internal balance.

According to the World Health Organization, health is not simply the absence of symptoms but goes much further. Its official definition of health integrates “emotional well-being, physical well-being and social welfare.” It has been shown repeatedly through studies that emotional health has a direct effect on physical health and when we enjoy emotional and physical well-being, we can share that state in our environment, family and friends, thus creating a healthier society, from the inside out.

That is my desire through health coaching. Help you pay attention to your health, be able to translate what your body needs and put the right measures to recover that state of balance that will make you increase your vitality and sense of well-being every day. If you have some kind of symptom, some pain or have not done a check for a while, go to your doctor and, at the same time, start asking yourself what you do or do not do every day to add health to your life. Are you aware of the alarms of your body? Do you take care of yourself as you would like? Do not stop listening…! Your body and your health will thank you.

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