4 Spectacular Pies Without Oven

Compilation: 4 Spectacular Pies a without Oven

The cakes are the star recipe for pastries. It is to be admired the great dedication that some have when elaborating and decorating cakes because they obtain true works of art. Today the thing goes of cakes, but easy cakes. I want to get you some pies that do not need an oven and that you can prepare yourself at home and without complications.

To see how each recipe is prepared step by step, click on the name of the recipe and you will have a detailed explanation with quantities of the ingredients and a complete step by step.4 Spectacular Pies Without Oven

From my blog Anna Easy Recipes I present this cake Fabiola of cookies. It is prepared by alternating layers of cookies dipped in muscatel and cream. To prepare the cream, beat egg yolks, sugar and coconut. Once the layers of cookies and cream are finished, cover with cream and sprinkle grated coconut. I have chosen to finish it with some molten chocolate and some cherries. I assure you that besides being very easy, it is surprising.

From the blog cooking with Clau, I bring you this cold cake of cookies very easy. This cake is simply wonderful. Cookies dipped in rum with layers of almond crunchy and a preparation of curd or pudding (sold in envelopes with simple instructions: mix the envelope with milk, warm and ready). Once the layers are finished, it is decorated with chocolate chips. Chill and ready.

From the blog El Dulce Paladar, the proposal is this cake of wafers with cream of hazelnuts and white chocolate.  It is prepared very easy. Wafers are poured of angel bread with chocolate cream and are placed one on top of another until reaching the desired height. Then covered with a cream cheese and white chocolate, which they sell already prepared. Decorated cookies are laid around the cake and decorations are made with cream cheese and chocolate on the surface. The final touch is a wafers flower, which is already bought.

From the Easy blog with Bela, I bring you this Cheese Cake with Baked Fruit by Samantha Vallejo-Nagera. It is made with a base of chopped biscuits with butter that is taken to the refrigerator, where it hardens inside the mold. Then prepare the cake with cream cheese, cream (cream), sugar and lemon and placed on top of the cookie base. It is taken to the refrigerator and decorated with fresh fruits. The more colorful the fruit, the more colorful the cake. A very easy and appetizing recipe.

I hope you liked this compilation. If you like very easy recipes, I suggest you see these 4 pies and easy cakes to give away.

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